Shampoo, soap, washing up liquid etc

The problems with modern shampoos, soaps, washing up liquid etc are more obvious when thinking about use on a boat where they will be directly discharged into the sea.

Stuff that doesn’t biodegrade, has plastics in it (as well as packaging) as well as many obnoxious chemicals is a very obvious problem (especially when the foam is very visible as it leaves your boat).

Of course these problems are also true in homes far from the sea, it is just we have able to ignore them more easily.

This article Plastic & Chemical free shampoo and soap ideas for travelling is a good starting place if thinking about this.

What it doesn’t help with is how much you can/should stock up with before heading off. Nor does it help with any recommendations for shaving or deodorants for example.

5 thoughts on “Shampoo, soap, washing up liquid etc

  1. Andy French September 11, 2019 / 8:35 pm

    I have been sourcing items from Ecovibe. They have some good products such as solid shampoo and solid deodorant. Trouble is the price but I’m sure it will fall over time as more use these items. The coconut scourers and solid washing liquid are also good. I was disappointed at the size of the shampoo and deodorant but I will see how long they last. Andy

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    • dave42w September 11, 2019 / 10:29 pm

      Great link, thanks. Look forward to hearing how you find them


  2. Jo Kay September 12, 2019 / 2:38 am

    I think l read somewhere that if you can actually cope with the initial “oh gosh my hair really does need washing” phase that after a while it more or less self cleans. Also couldn’t you just use salt water rather than deodorants? Or none at all? After l developed an allergy to all deodorants l stopped using them and I’ve had no complaints!!! Alternatively you can get ones that you only apply once a week but I’m not sure how “friendly” they are.

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