Stunning new T-Shirt Design

The always amazing Jules has come up with a radically better T-Shirt design.

It will also be available to go on a black or other dark background. Then we can get t-shirts more suitable for sustainable working on boats so you can go sustainable sailing one day 😉

What do you think? Vote for what you would like in the comments:

  • T-Shirt: White or Black / Womens or Mens £19
  • Pullover Hoodie: Black, Womens or Mens £40

We could do other colours and they have other product designs (crew neck sweater, baseball style long sleeved, women’s vest)?

These will be from Teemill, it does look like they pay attention to good environmental and labour practices with high quality organic, vegan products, using renewable energy etc. In other words, you get what you pay for. You can’t have £5 t-shirts where the workers are paid fairly and with careful environmental standards.

One day we might be able to upgrade to a Pro account with them which unlocks the T-Shirts from fully circular production (then you can return worn out t-shirts which will be turned into new t-shirts), sadly these are only available in white.

Meanwhile I’ll finish the online store in the next few days so that you can order (then send in pictures of you modelling them for us all to enjoy).

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