Weekend roundup

So we had a “long” weekend doing jobs on Vida at the end of last week. A “long” weekend for us has been very rare for the last 14 years, being somewhat incompatible with my work as a Methodist Minister (I guess it is obvious that means working on Sunday’s. I can take 5 Sundays a year off, but they are supposed to be combined with week long holidays). By a “long weekend” we mean two days. Having Vida has added a new level of freedom, one that we haven’t managed in the past with caravans. The key difference with Vida is that we can arrive or leave at anytime. I guess we could have done that with our caravan if we had paid to have it on a permanent pitch on a caravan site, but we never have (and never really wanted to either).

Of course this isn’t the only factor at play. Our opportunities for non weekend, weekends have also been restricted when we had children in education and some of the jobs Jane has had over the years also restricted us.

However, a couple of times now we have been able to leave home after a Thursday evening meeting and get to Vida between 11:30pm and 12:30am ready for a whole day on Friday. Last weekend I had a free Saturday (happens about once a month) so we were able to stay two nights. That was great for getting lots of work done (although sadly the Friday night was pretty chilly and I wasn’t quite warm enough so didn’t sleep very well).

For the most parts the jobs we are doing are still destructive, removing what we know doesn’t work or preparing for new things. The biggest things from this weekend were preparing for the masts to come down because we are having some work done (more in a “Sailing” post); clearing out the aft heads compartment (the “ensuite” for our cabin) so that we can move the composting toilet in; finalising what is happening with the 14 windows (some of which leak at the moment and all of which have leaked in the past); and finalising templates for the cushions for our bed in that aft cabin. We also managed a bit more cleaning (particularly under the engine) and removing more stuff from the cockpit locker (batteries, unused hoses etc).

Jane now has all the material and supporting “bits” (zips, stockingette, wadding) with the foam on order to make the cushions for the aft cabin (they are huge and an awkward shape). Once they are made not only will sleeping be more comfortable (our rectangular inflatable camping mats have to overlap and don’t fit properly) and warmer but we will also be able to sort out the “infill” to turn it into a double bed.

Anyway, we found this long weekend very refreshing and very enjoyable. Really good to get away and to do so because there is reason, commitment, satisfaction and progress in it.

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