It’s Not (all) About the Boat

From the title “Sustainable Sailing” and the posts so far we might have given then impression that it is all about the boat.

But that would be incorrect. We are looking to create a retirement future that is as fully sustainable (environmentally, financially and healthily) as possible. For us that means we have chosen to build that future around living on a boat. Others might not be attracted to the freedoms, joys and hassles of a sailing home. However, life can still be sustainable, and a lot of the things we are trying to do with a boat apply to other options for retirement (or earlier) living.

  • Renewable energy
  • Zero fossil fuels
  • Reuse, repair, recycle
  • Fewer plastics

Without a boat some will be easier but some harder. The scale and expectations probably make it more challenging. The space and lack of destructive power of salt water can make it easier.

Whatever your choice, boat or not boar, we have all got to make really significant (as in orders of magnitude changes) to become more sustainable in the way we live and we are going to have to do it very quickly.

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