Friday progress #5

Just a day visit, albeit with the help of one of our sons today.

Plenty more progress to report.


Both masts were taken down yesterday by Byron from North Spar and ABC Powermarine.

Our two masts (temporary location)

Byron has removed the old mainsail furling system that had been riveted to the mast. Ready now for new boom, new halyards and a new mainsail.

We removed the spreaders from both masts so they are ready for proper winter storage. We will leave the jobs we need to do on them until better weather in the spring.

This is the socket left after removing one of the main mast spreaders (very pleased by the condition of these)

Now that the masts are down we were able to remove the 6 bolts holding the main mast foot and remove the foot as well. We had been concerned about rust marks on the 2 bolts that go though the mast foot then the cabin roof and then the plate that is on top of the compression post. Feeling much happier now! Will check that the wooden core of the deck is ok and then fit new bolts with much better sealant and also special grease that stops the galvanic corrosion between different metals (the aluminium mast foot and the stainless steel bolts). We will also look at adding extra drain holes for the mast foot that don’t direct water straight onto the through bolts.

Mast foot next to where it came from (holes taped up for the moment)
The two worst bolts from the mast foot. Will replace them and use better sealant plus make sure they are electrically insulated from the aluminium mast foot..

Aft Cabin

We now know better where we have leaks. Windows (replacements on order), hatch (put some tape around it, going to make a cover as a temporary solution), starboard deck cleat (covered with tape as a temporary solution).

The infill for the bed is now made and fits well. Should be a lot more comfortable than what was there before, plus it is about 1/2 the weight 🙂

Infill in place. Has bars underneath so it can’t move around and to make it stronger.

Aft Heads

All 3 seacocks now removed, more of the old cabinetry cut away. Once we have a waterproof window we will be able to build the new floor and new cabinetry.

Holes from the toilet outlet and basin outlet seacocks.
The hole from the toilet flush inlet seacock
Part way through making the heads more spacious. Holes from the seacocks covered with tape.


Sadly clear evidence of a leak (puddle on the v-berth, no cushion so very obvious). Also the vinyl lining stuck to the inside of the hatch was very wet. So we have removed the lining and put a rubber seal on top of the inner lip. Also removed some wet wood trim, tightened the support arm and pushed the hinge pin back in.


We are now members of the North West Venturers Yacht Club. The clubhouse is right next to Vida and has excellent toilets and showers 🙂 Plus a kitchen and more. Going to a working party and end of season social next Saturday.


We spent more time thinking through some of the work we are planning, gradually feel we are coming to better decisions and better plans. So while there is a lot to do we feel we are going to be able to get enough done to get on the water next year and still have a couple more winters to get everything fully sorted before the big sabbatical cruise 🙂

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