Project shopping

So I’ve been shopping. Hunting for cheapest options did mean several suppliers as I didn’t want to buy unbranded, low quality components in safety critical areas (such as 600A switches).

We now have most of the supplies for all the glassfibre work. Plus the majority of things to get the batteries, inverters, solar and 12v distribution installed.

Plenty of other things will be needed but this is enough to keep us busy for quite a while 😊

Bio-epoxy resin and hardener; glassfibre mat; pumps/trays/filler etc; lots of wire of different sizes, battery monitor, 12v distribution switch, circuit breakers for inverters, main battery switch; dielectric grease, glassfibre mat scissors.
metal for busbars, various crimp connectors for wiring, MC4 connectors for solar, nuts and bolts for building busbars
General purpose crimp tool (initially for solar MC4); big crimp tool for sizes 10mm2 to 120mm2

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