Friday progress #6

Oop’s should have been Friday 6 not 5!

Today’s progress comes in three areas:

We’ve moved

Or more accurately, we have been moved. A whole 30 metres or so. The boatyard have done a big reshuffle so that the big Sea Safari power catamarans can be lifted out to spots convenient to their shed.

Sadly it has added some summer jobs to our list. Our boat cradle needs the boat support acro props replacing as they are very rusty. Anyway we are now secure and beautifully level for the winter.

Aft cabin double bed

Our bed is fully finished with the new cushions all in place.

Aft head compartment

Yet more stripping out. Think we are pretty much done with all that now. We can now start fitting it out. That is once the windows are done.

The head compartment is definitely looking a lot more spacious now. First job is a floor so that we can move the composting toilet in. Everything else will wait until the window is replaced and the holes from the seacocks filled.

The big tube running across the compartment is part of the steering, connecting the steering wheel to the rudder.

This was one of the messiest jobs ever, full protective gear needed but the whole aft cabin was full of dust. So much dust was coming out of the open porthole, at one point, that Jane thought it was smoke and we were on fire.

Bonus extra

No pictures yet but 5 boxes containing 14 replacement windows were delivered today.

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