Balancing minimal viable vs no redo’s

So as we make plans and do the jobs we are trying to juggle quite a few things.

There are 3 key milestones:

  • Spring 2020 launch for use including our summer holiday
  • Early summer in probably 2022 for my 3 month sabbatical with dreams of Malta and back
  • Sometime later, retirement to live aboard

There are huge lists of jobs before Vida can be ready for each of these milestones. Many things required for live aboard life are not required for the two earlier milestones (windvane self steering and watermaker as two big examples)

At the moment the focus is on deciding what the minimal requirements are for getting afloat next year (with no plans to cruise very far). We are quite ok with fairly minimalist camping aboard until we are getting closer to milestone two.

However, at the same time we don’t want to waste time, money and resources by doing things quickly so that they have to be undone and then redone.

To get afloat in 2020 we probably need to do all these (some might be possible on the water)

  • We have to make sure the boat won’t sink (so 3 new seacocks and fill in all the others).
  • Fit all new windows. Stop all hatch leaks. Worst leaks in deck fittings sorted.
  • A few grp repairs (filling holes from old fittings, bit of crazing on the deck)
  • finish removing old plumbing, heating and electrics
  • Steering system needs to be properly fixed. Service rudder headstock
  • We need the engine testing and servicing, for that we need 12 volt engine electrical system. We also need new a cutlass bearing for the propeller shaft and stern gland servicing.
  • We need to be able to sail (new mainsail, new running rigging, new wiring in the masts, new light fittings and probably vhf aerial, the masts put up with the new boom, roller furling serviced), all winches serviced. Both mast feet need to be refitted
  • We need to be able to anchor (new windlass and supporting electrics, bow roller sorting for anchor storage which is easier while the mast is down), new chain, chain snubber
  • add cushions to forecabin and some in the main cabin, plus a table
  • fit 2 composting toilets and basins (maybe just a washing up bowl and a water bottle)
  • fit essential electrics (8 solar panels, 3 x mppt solar controllers, batteries, 2 inverters, wiring switches, internal lights, navigation lights). Includes proper earthing and anode
  • working bilge pump
  • a galley. just a worktop, induction hobs, boxes for storage and a sink with holding tank and tap.
  • very minimal plumbing (galley tap, small holding tank for each basin/sink that we fit and a way to pump them out)
  • topsides of the boat to be cleaned, underwater scrub and antifouling paint
  • toerail refitting

Hopefully very little of this will need to be undone in order to make further progress (which will be about comfort, being able to self support for longer and kitting out for passage making.

Before March we should manage 3 longer visits (not quite a week) as well as all the Fridays we can manage, plus occasional Saturdays.

Going to be tight for time!

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