Starting the galley

This update will make a lot more sense if you know that on a sailing boat the kitchen is called the galley 😁

So far all we had done was take out the condemned cooker. Now I’m starting a much bigger project.

As with the two head compartments the starting point is to get rid of seacocks. Currently there are 2, one of them completely hidden at the back of a kitchen cupboard behind the hoses to the other seacock and a hot air heating hose.

At the same time we are creating more space by taking out the old 12volt distribution switch board and the boxing in around the steering rods (which had hidden all the bolts for a key gearbox coming out).

One thing is immediately obvious. Between all the hoses there is very little cupboard space.

It also becomes obvious that at least one of the sinks wasn’t going to drain very well.

As everywhere on this Rival 38 the original woodwork is really nicely done and very strong. However, we want to have much better access so we are looking to a minimal build.

We are planning a new counter in one of these new materials that are compressed particles in resin. A single L shaped piece with cutouts for sink (plus drainage grooves and two openings for what will be the fridge). The gimballed tray for the induction hob will slide out above one of the fridge openings.

For the first year or two we will keep the space below the counter open and use plastic crates for everything.

So this evening the stripping out started. Will continue in the morning.

Remember this is what it used to look like.

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