Friday progress #7

I’ve been posting all day 🙂 So this is first a list of links.

This is what the 12 volt panel used to look like:

This is what it looks like now.

Beyond these jobs, Jane took the 2 sails home from the forecabin, so after fixing the remaining leaks in the forehatch I was able to reorganise tools and boat bits to create a lot more space. I’m currently charging the 12volt battery that we hope might be ok as an engine starter battery, at least for a while.

Heavy rain forecast for most of the night. I’m now very aware of the various leaks. The windows we will make our main half term project as most of them leak at least a bit. The nice porthole that looks out aft from our bed is also leaking. So are a few deck fittings particularly a cleat above the locker by my side of the bed and the one above the aft heads. It seems likely that more may be doing so and the leaks hidden behind the headlining. As we get access these should be quick to fix with the butyl tape I’ve got but sadly access is the tricky thing.

Anyway off to bed. First time sleeping here on my own and first time with an en-suite loo 🙂

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