Getting ready for an intensive few days

So this wasn’t Friday #8. Instead been working, but heading over to Vida by the end of tomorrow for a few days of intensive work.

Got some new things (although sadly 2 very significant deliveries haven’t arrived yet).

White and Grey bilge paint.

This Bilge paint is at the cheaper end of the scale, but made in the UK with pretty good sustainability claims. This will allow us to make areas such as the heads compartments at least look clean even if we don’t get around to fitting any headlining.

To help us see what we are doing as it gets darker (changing the clocks on Sunday) we have this 3000 watt led work lamp from Aldi.

Tomorrow we are collecting a small, cordless random orbital sander. That should be perfect for preparing surfaces for the bilge paint (and it has dust extraction).

Waiting on some important bolts for the mast foot and new table leg. Also on our long awaited radiant wall panel heater. Due later in the week are our Lithium Ion Phosphate batteries.

Key job when the weather suits will be fitting the new windows. Beyond that, getting the heads compartments and galley to something we can live with for the next year. Plus lots of measuring and planning.

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