Windows day 2

So 2 windows fitted yesterday and two today. Aft cabin now finished.

This time we had to remove the headlining from the aft cabin sides. It just fell off when we took the old windows out. One side had loads of black mould behind it. All cleaned off.

The two windows in the aft cabin improve the view out because they have neither a frame nor a porthole. Much more light in as well.

We have also temporarily sorted the two leaking deck cleats (one into the aft heads compartment and one into a locker above our bed). Need some replacement bolts for these and a new backing plate for one of them.

While we were “playing” in the aft cabin we also emptied the composting loo for the first time. A very easy and not at all unpleasant process. We are complete converts to composting toilets, absolutely fantastic!

Worn out now, so a gentle evening planned. Hopefully over the next couple of days we can also do the 6 windows in the main saloon.

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