The headlining experiment

So we hadn’t planned to remove the headlining and we certainly hadn’t planned to replace it yet (the memories of doing this on our old Hirondelle Catamaran still haunt us). However, as we have been replacing the windows (days 1, 2 and 3) we have had to remove a lot more headlining than we expected (mainly because it falls off and because so much of it is very wet).

So we now have lots of headlining fully removed and a lot more sagging. Plus we don’t know how wet the remaining headlining is from other leaks (hatches, deck fittings).

Where we can we will probably leave it alone (sleeping dogs and all that).

However, we have decided to, sort of, follow the example of Kika and Dan on Sailing Uma. See this video in which they insulated Uma ready to cross the Atlantic to that well known cold spot – the UK.

We are going for a different product. Sheets of closed cell polyethylene foam with flame retardant additives (although of course as we plan to cook and heat water + space with electric there are not going to be any naked flames anywhere.

This is going to be very much an experiment. Probably going to try using a combination of velco and battens to hold in place so that it can be removed. Also going to experiment with paints as we don’t want a black interior and we couldn’t find fire retardant closed cell foam in any other colour. We don’t want to cover it with Vinyl (environmentally terrible stuff and labour intensive). Also we don’t see the point in adding layers of plywood, foam and vinyl all over the boat that hide all the bits we might need access to .

Hoping this will add warmth and reduce condensation as well as looking reasonable for a lowish price. At the minimum we will be able to line all the lockers even if we can’t make it look good enough anywhere else.

More when we try it out!

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