Windows day 5, the end

Who would have believed that you could get nearly 5 dry days at the end of October in North Wales.

Today, just as we were finishing the last of the windows light rain just started.

As it was warmer today I took lots of pictures of the process. The condition of the sealant (and how many different attempts had been made to stop leaks) varied. The window openings where we have fitted opening portholes needed to be slightly bigger (with a very tight gap for the bolt holes).

As the cabin top it quite low at the forward end we needed to remove the plywood “ceiling” to get access for the bolts.

Anyway enjoy.

First, collect together tools and coffee m
Then have a look to see how bad the sealant is
Remove the tiny self tapping screws
Prise off the window in it’s frame
Oddly, the vinyl lining wrapped right out of the window opening and into the sealant area. No wonder they leaked.
First pass (of about 5) cleaning up the area around the window opening.
Looking a bit more ready
Jane attacking the plywood “ceiling” to provide enough access to the top of the window openings in the forecabin.
The “ceiling” has been relocated
Cleaning off the remains of the headlining
After the ceiling removal
Part way through making the window opening bigger for the opening porthole
Nearly ready to start fitting new windows
Test fitting to try for a reasonable alignment
The “interscrews” fitted into 6.5mm holes in the cleaned inside
This is what the interscrews look like from the outside (ignore the holes from the old self tapping screws, they get filled by the butyl sheet)
My dust mask might need cleaning before I use it again
The last wash and dry before fitting
Masking tape so the excess butyl sheet can be removed
Apply butyl sheet. This way there are no joints around the edge of the window
Cut out opening from the inside (keep butyl to use for deck fittings)

This is where the rain started threatening and then began, so few pictures.

Next remove protective film from the window and wipe clean) and from the butyl sheet.

Mark 2 of the bolt holes through the butyl (I used a small drill bit).

Put the window in place and fit all the bolts.

Here is the final look!

Finished 7 portside windows.
Finished 7 starboard side windows.

We are very pleased with the results and very pleased we have been able to do all 14 windows, at the end of October, while camping on board.

It is looks like every window had leaked at some time. Some were surrounded by soaking wet headlining. Replacing them was the right decision for us. Refurbishing would have taken ages all while water was still getting in. The aft cabin is noticeably drier in a morning with no condensation drips.

Hopefully no more window blog posts 🤣

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