More clearing progress

Had a gentle day as we were both pretty worn out by the work on the windows over the previous 5 days.

Still we have managed to fully clear the forward heads compartment including headliner. We have found 3 common types of backing. One is a black with netting. It pulls off really easily. Another is a foam that is quite orange and just crumbles into dust, any remaining bits can be vacuumed off the plywood. Finally there is a more yellow foam which is firmly glued to the plywood after the vinyl lining is removed. This is a pain to scrape off.

At least temporarily we have removed the multi way door to the forecabin (it could either close off the cabin or the toilet). It needed a piece of wood across the “entrance to the heads” that I kept banging my head on. We have also adjusted the sliding door so that it closes a bit easier. Again this is up for potential redesign.

We want to use the area for our 2nd Natures Head composting toilet, a wash basin, a holding tank, a shower and possibly there is space for a spin dryer (we plan a hand cranked washing machine but a powered spin dryer to minimise electricity use but also to keep drying clothes as easy as possible).

From the heads we switched to the ongoing task of clearing the cockpit locker. Again very pleased with the progress. We have at last got rid of all the remaining metal hot air heater hose and exhaust (it was in very poor condition and made a huge mess).

Then I tackled the wood container from the paraffin Jerry can. That meant I could get to the broken water pump and water filter. Then the big triumph after a lot more cutting we got to take out the old calorifier water heater. It was was still full of water but started leaking from seams as well as all the connections.

We setup a block and tackle giving Jane a 5:1 mechanical advantage to pull it up while I manipulated it past the obstacles.

Then as it was pouring with rain we just threw it over the side to sort out later.

We also got rid of the last hose used to extract air from the battery compartment and engine, ironically it was full of water.

We have also cut away most of the old battery cables (very convoluted and all different lengths and specifications).

So now we can see better possibilities.

We should be able to provide access to the pump thru hull valve from the galley.

We want to site water pump and hot water tank where they can be maintained. Not yet sure where but certainly clear of electrics like the alternator.

This means we can make a better space for our new batteries with shorter cables and leaving more useful space in the cockpit locker.

We finish off the day with well earned Fish and Chips 😊

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