New saloon table

We now have a saloon table!

The leg is the permanent solution, the table top is temporary. For the moment we are using the scrap from the original aft cabin bed infill (the one that meant the bed wasn’t level).

We have fitted a Lagun table leg and we have an extra bracket so we will be able to use the same leg and table outside in the cockpit.

Compared to the original table we gain a lot more room and it is much easier to get round it to sit down. However, you can’t brace yourself against it when at sea. We will have to see if that is a problem later.

The original table could be (at least in theory) dropped down to make a double bed. If we decide we want that option we will find a different solution. The original could also have an extension fitted so that it spanned right across the cabin to the far seat, to sit about 8 people. We will be more antisocial 😉 with such a big table access to sit down or get to the loo would have been very difficult.

Here is a video from someone else explaining how adaptable the Lagun table leg is.

And some pictures with our temporary table top.

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