Friday progress #9

After the gentle start, we have made more progress.

Biggest job was to finish cutting out the old galley, especially the fridge. Now almost done, just the expanded foam to scrape away.

Despite trying to protect the rest of the cabin from the dust it got everywhere. Because the plastic sheet we had tried to tape up fell down part way through.

Plus Jane made a huge mess sanding the forward heads, but it is now nearly ready for bilge paint to quickly tidy it up.

Then we played hunt the hose as we took more of the boat apart to find where the water hoses connect to the water tank. In the process we found some very encrusted inspection hatches and fixed the water tank gauge (well it now correctly says the tank is empty).

In the end we found them under the floor of the “wet locker” behind the steps down into the main cabin. Rival did not believe in making things accessible!

Turns out there are 4 hoses in the tank. Not sure why there are so many. Guessing we have:

  • Water fill (very obvious, bigger hose)
  • Cold water supply (connected to internal pipe to bottom of tank)
  • Hot water supply? (connected to internal pipe to bottom of tank)
  • Vent? (not connected to bottom of tank)

Now just finished eating, packing up and heading home. A good day (and the new heater is maintaining 16 degrees C despite a cold and windy day).

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