A helpful example from Sailing SV Delos

Sailing SV Delos is one of the big, successful YouTube channels. We have just been watching a series on their electric setup after they switched to Lithium batteries and induction cooking a year ago.

They have been sailing around the world for more than 10 years in a much larger and more complex yacht than Vida. Their key motivation for this change seems to have been to get rid of propane due to it’s inconvenience (filling up around the world with many different connector standards), unreliability and dangers.

Our initial solar setup isn’t going to be very different in size (although ours are going to be less fit and forget due to the limitations of where we can put them). Our battery bank is a bit larger and will be 12volt rather than 24volt (for reasons which are complicated and which I’d rather not be the case, but it was driven by space and finances as much as anything).

However, we are not planning on connecting to shorepower, not going to have a generator nor are we expecting much changing of the domestic bank from our engine (because we don’t want to become reliant on the engine given that the goal is to use it as little as possible and replace it with electric as soon as we can) . This should be fine until we get to being liveaboards (not for a few years yet) but by then we will have a much better idea about both consumption and generation (very little to go by on large boat solar systems in the UK).

Fortunately, with only 2 of us and far fewer electrics (they have 4 busy videographers with their computers, plus freezer and a couple of fridges, electric toilets, and only an electronic autopilot) our consumption should be much reduced.

Anyway enjoy these 3 very helpful videos (with 4 more to come in the series):

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