Inspiring YouTube channels

There are now so many sailing YouTube channels producing really great content that I doubt we are going to even try to compete šŸ™‚ We will continue to add a few YouTube videos to our channel but, especially at the moment, actually getting the jobs done takes a far higher priority that filming them (and definitely short of time and skills for editing them.

Here I’d like to give some attention to the sailing channels that are most closely aligned with our Sustainable Sailing. I’ll give a shout out to the big ones at the end simply because they are so well done, if nothing else they make better viewing than most TV channels.

Spoondrifters. We love Tammy and Todd’s sense of humour and the way the share their experiences. Very glad that we don’t have so many daunting challenges to overcome with Vida. This latest video is a good example:

Sailing Project Atticus: Desiree and Jordan are one of the inspiring couples out there cruising on a very low budget, on a small boat that needed and still needs a lot of work doing. Currently they are in Panama preparing for the Panama Canal and then a Pacific crossing. Many great videos such as ones in conjunction with Sailrite as well as cruising areas around the South and Eastern Caribbean that not many people go to (although fear of piracy and the inconveniences of buying food, water etc in Cuba are good reasons why you might not want to go there). Here is their latest, doing some refitting jobs:

Sailing Uma: Kika and Dan have one of the most successful channels without having a fancy, large, or new boat. Their long journey with some completely daunting challenges is well watching. Their video quality and story telling is brilliant, but the key to their channel is their enthusiasm and positive attitudes. They are awesome at engaging with and supporting local communities (the video’s about Haiti are great examples of this). They crossed the Atlantic to the UK which is where there current video’s are (and their commentary on life and sailing and history in the UK from their Haitian, Canadian and US perspective is fun to watch). They have clearly done an amazing job of building income from YouTube, therefore a lot of their equipment is now provided by sponsors so a little less independent than it used to be. Here is one visiting their first English “Castle”:

Beau and Brandy another American couple who have refitted a very old/cheap boat, like Uma they have an electric motor. Very new to sailing and without much money so they have had some big challenges to face (including a close shave with a near sinking on their way to Grenada).

Free Range Sailing: Troy and Pascale are an Australian couple on a small boat sailing all around Australia. Very simple lifestyle.

Tula’s Endless Summer: If you want the opposite of sailing in the UK then this is your best antidote to freezing rain šŸ™‚ Billy and Sierra are good to watch.

Sailing Yacht Florence: A British couple, Amy and Matt, sailing around the world on a low budget. Now in Asia. Great quality videos and plenty of tea šŸ™‚

Oh and the big channels that I also enjoy: Sailing La Vagabonde, Gone with the Wynns, and Sailing SV Delos

Some others:

Daunting company to dare to offer our video’s too šŸ™‚

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