That is definitely not for us :-)

We were just watching a YouTube video about a couple preparing for this year’s ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers). They will currently be on their way across the Atlantic.

Several hundred boats sailing from The Canaries to St Lucia in an organised event. Happens every year starting on the last Sunday in November.

They were very enthusiastic about it, which was great to see. According to Yachting World in 2012 it cost about £1,200 for a typical boat with 4 crew. So we wondered what you got for your money.

  • Help with how to prepare your boat and safety checks (very valuable we think)
  • Satellite tracking and email contact including weather while enroute (good but with modern satellite phone widely available)
  • Two weeks of parties before departure and two more weeks after (sounds like being in hell to us)
  • Marina discounts on the way to the Canaries (we don’t want to spend much time in marinas.
  • As the departure date is fixed and early in the season you probably won’t get settled trade winds

So we can’t imagine you ever finding us on one of these events. Glad they exist though because fortunately not everyone is the same as us 🤣

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