A little more progress from yesterday

A few more things that it felt good to achieve yesterday.

No picture but together we were able to properly fit and tighten the new bolts holding the steering gearbox to the bulkhead. Play in the steering, unsurprisingly massively reduced now that gearbox isn’t flopping around.

Also progress on the forward heads, cleared out what was temporarily stored there and now the new Natures Head composting toilet fits. Started planning where the grey water tank and basin will fit. Very pleased we removed the door to the forecabin that could also close off the toilet to be a tiny space with corridor to the forecabin.

Also test fitted the saloon foam. Just one corner that needs trimming due to the slope of the hull. Now ready to make and fit the covers.

We also checked the fit of the waste tank for the galley, exactly what we hoped for. Will leave more cupboard space than the old setup with all the seacocks.

Finally we spent sometime tracing the routes of the pipes for the diesel for the engine. I think we found 9 fuel taps, none of them labelled so lots to still discover and understand.

The electric pressure cooker worked brilliantly (used 0.44 kilowatt hours of electricity), we put it in the cockpit to avoid putting moisture into the now much drier cabin. The vegetable stew was very tasty and very warming 😋

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