Wintery progress

Blowing a howling gale today. Fortunately we are a bit protected by larger boats in front of us. Very glad we don’t have our masts up as there is plenty of noise from other peoples without ours as well.

Anyway, today was painting the aft heads compartment for Jane.

Meanwhile I was working on the worktop for the galley.

We haven’t fully planned the next steps (I’m not sure if I have enough of the framing timber yet). But we will probably sand and paint the whole gallery area before continuing with the framing.

We can use epoxy coating to protect the underside and edges of the worktop. Then once it is in position and the fiddles (edges to stop things sliding off in rough weather) we will be able to use the food grade epoxy worktop to get it done looking good.

Now taking it easy with another variation of the multi-cooker stew (chilli sauce, bacon, lentils, cabbage, peppers, sweet potato, onion) nearly ready.

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