Galley worktop end of day update

After the lunchtime update with it’s long list of jobs it is very satisfying to see how many we were able to tick off the list this afternoon:

  • DONE: Remove and coat all the bare wood with bio-epoxy to protect it.
  • DONE: Remove the last vestiges of the wood from the old fridge that is fibreglassed to the hull. Also the last bits of the old cupboards and a few bits of old pipes.
  • DONE: Sand all the bulkheads and hull. Epoxy coat the wood
  • PARTIALLY DONE: (done the bits that we want grey, which is where the fridge will go and where the waste water will go): Paint the wood and the hull.
  • Use the worktop coloured, foodsafe epoxy on the sink cutout edges.
  • Fit the sinks, refit all the coated timber, fit the worktops.

Now we are in the clubhouse with the epoxy coated wood which is drying (far too cold outside). Dinner is on and we have had our showers πŸ™‚

Oh and Jane also did the grey bilge paint in the aft heads this morning (and has epoxy coated the new bit of floor for there along with the rest).

So a really good day! In the morning we will do the white paint (which is inside the galley cupboards and as a temporary splashback) and also do the colour epoxy of the sink insert edges. Hopefully both those will dry enough for us to assemble it before the end of the day. We can then start using it as a temporary cooking area.

Aft heads compartment, the grey bilge paint done.
Jane epoxy coating all the timber (should permanently seal it)
All the epoxy coated timber drying (I should say curing for the pedants)
After removing the old pipes and sanding the hull and bulkheads. Ready for painting
Grey paint done, now epoxy coating the worktop supports.
Jane’s turn to prepare dinner.

We are cooking with our multi-cooker again. We are absolutely delighted with it. Even if it turns out to use too much electricity for what we can generate on the boat it has been worth every penny.

We are not doing anything fancy with it. Our quick to prepare recipes for a workday like today are essentially:

  • dried Soup mix, orLentils or Chickpeas (all soaked for just a short time)
  • some veg typically some combination of carrots, sweet potato, onion, mushroom, pepper, cabbage depending on what we have around
  • some kind of a sauce eg tinned tomatoes, any sauce in a jar
  • Water
  • Whatever else we have around. Last night some bacon, tonight some haloumi

Put it in the pot. Turn on. A few minutes to come up to heat (when it starts hissing and the timer starts counting down). We usually use the 30minute stew option (as we haven’t soaked the pulses for long), tonight we extended it to 45 minutes as we only soaked the chickpeas while we were having our showers.

The results are really tasty! Last night we had made a bit too much but enjoyed it enough to finish it off and cancel desert πŸ™‚

While using the multi-cooker on the boat we are putting it outside (under the wheelhouse cover) to avoid adding all the steam into the cabin which we have been drying out.

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