Galley worktop update

All the framing to support the worktop is complete and dry fitted.

The next jobs are:

  • Remove and coat all the bare wood with bio-epoxy to protect it.
  • Remove the last vestiges of the wood from the old fridge that is fibreglassed to the hull. Also the last bits of the old cupboards and a few bits of old pipes.
  • Sand all the bulkheads and hull. Epoxy coat the wood and then paint it and the hull.
  • Use the worktop coloured, foodsafe epoxy on the sink cutout edges.
  • Fit the sinks, refit all the coated timber, fit the worktops.

Then before the full worktop epoxy can be done I need to fit fiddles (to stop things sliding onto the floor) and rear upstand. But I don’t have the timber for that yet.

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