Anti-fouling progress

In the post “Towards getting afloat, from home” I wrote about the challenges finding an anti-fouling paint that isn’t toxic. A few years ago there was a big switch to using copper to deter marine growth, however, the negative impact on marine life was largely ignored.

As I mentioned in that post, finding alternatives is tricky. The best known Seacoat Sea-Speed V10X isn’t available anywhere near Vida (needs spraying on ideally professionally) .

However, I’ve found another option Seajet 038 Taisho, it came out well in a Practical Boat Owner test in 2016 when it was announced but not released. Again finding suppliers is hard, so far only one selling online to the UK (and then only upto 2.5L tins in either white or black). So I’ve emailed the UK distributor as they don’t even list the product at all 😦

First estimate is that we need about 7.5 litres and we think that that dark grey would look best on Vida.

Still open to suggestions.

Update (13th Jan)

I got a reply from the UK Seajet Distributor that 038 Taisho isn’t available “due to a component of the Antifoul not being registered in the UK.”

Found another alternative from a Jimmy Green Marine email: Hempel EcoPower Cruise I don’t have any details on how effective or eco it is (just says no biocides).

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