Sustainable Sailing ideas becoming more mainstream

This Yachting World article is heading in the right direction. Skippers’ tips: Bluewater sailing secrets of the million milers revealed

Some key items such as reduced plastic and renewable energy get mentioned.

I’m still desperate for them to connect the dots between all those parts and skills needed for diesel engines with the fossil fuel usage and advocate dumping diesel power completely. For 25kg you could carry a complete spare electric motor that it would be straightforward to swap into use at sea. With some spare solar panels you could make slow progress after really major gear failures. Plus all those hours finding fuel, paying for it, cleaning it, cleaning filters, changing oil, fixing water pumps, maintaining seacocks, worrying about fires etc.

Also no mention of sewage from toilets and grey water going into fragile coastal habitats. Yet again the simple, low maintenance option of composting toilets with no plumbing and no dumping at sea is ignored.

Good but the options now available should make sailing around the world far less costly to the planet, to our pockets and to our time.

Now is the time to switch to really Sustainable Sailing!

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