Routing sink supports

I’ve had a router for years, probably decades, but hardly ever used it. Certainly not a confident user. However, this afternoon a small success.

Yesterday I used a gap in the storm to get FSC certified wood from B&Q (collected by cargobike).

This afternoon, I found time to turn the larger piece into 5 brackets to support the undermount sinks. Not very pretty but we will coat them with epoxy so we don’t have to worry about the wood getting damp or wet.

Then brackets will be through bolted to the worktop (countersunk heads on the worktop top which will be hidden below the epoxy surface). They will trap the edge of the sinks to the underside of the worktop holding them much more securely than the rather pathetic brackets that came with the sinks.

Obviously the sinks will have sealant between the lip and the worktop but I’ll also use sealant to even out my, not brilliant, routing (which won’t be visible anyway).

Might even be able to fit the worktop on Saturday 😊

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