More playing with my toys

I’ve never had a real workshop, but currently we have a garage accessible from the house where with a big of moving stuff around I can have a reasonable workspace.

So tonight my meeting was very short (Scout Group Executive Committee) so I decided to make some more progress on the sink supports (I started them earlier today see Routing sink supports).

Therefore I got to use my Table Saw (one of the sink supports was 2mm too wide for the gap between the sink and the worktop support).

Plus my Sliding Mitre saw because the two end sink supports were too long.

Plus my drill press to make the bolt holes in the sink supports (needed to be very accurate as very tight for space).

Fun 😁

Then I had my first go with the Bio-epoxy to coat them. Now drying in the garage with 2 fan heaters to keep it at 25°C

I’m not that impressed with the dosing pumps that we got for the epoxy. Not a brilliant fit on the bottles and not priming very consistently. So particularly the first squirt doesn’t seem very accurate (and the proportion of hardener to resin is very important). So will have to see if it cures ok.

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