Ever increasing comfort

Everytime we sleep on Vida things are a bit more comfortable. One reason is that despite it being winter and raining lots the inside is still drying out.

A key factor is of course the new windows which have proved completely watertight. Removing the headling from the cabin sides as part of the job has made a big difference too as much of was waterlogged. This picture shows the filler and soffit below the chart table window. They were wet through and complely black when we changed the window.

Another reason is that we are leaving the two infrared heating panels on 24/7, with temperature control. Keeping the inside above freezing with a dry heat means that each time we visit the boat feels dryer.

We also keep adding insulation. Last time we put foam tiles on the main cabin floor, this morning I can walk around with bare feet. I think this will be a winter boatyard floor covering and we will have something a bit more attractive when afloat.

One of the challenges about heating and staying warm in a North Welsh winter is that we are using a camping electricity supply from the boatyard. So it connects to the supply with a round pin caravan style plug. Inside the boat there is a circuit breaker, but because it is designed for campsites with very limited current available it doesn’t have a very high limit. We can’t have the fan heater on and cook at the same time for example. As the infrared panel on it’s own can only reach about 11°C, we like to keep cooking quick.

Today we will be removing more headlining (temporarily making things colder) so that it can be replaced with 10mm closed cell foam insulation. This way we can check the fastenings of deck fittings for leaks, remove damp stuff and make Vida easier to keep warm without condensation.

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