Friday #15 Saloon headlining

Today hasn’t been quite what we expected. But then when you start taking very old bits of boat apart exposing areas that have been hidden since 1977 you never know quite what to expect.

The main cabin roof area turned out to have a mesh backed foam behind the vinyl.

However, we found this wouldn’t pull off the plywood lining. Then we discovered that the plywood was wet and damaged in a few areas, particularly around the hatch, the dorade vents and the transition to the higher roof under the wheelhouse.

Turns out it was much easier to remove the plywood than the foam from the plywood.

Now we can see that the dorade vents are the worst problem. The wood deck core is pretty wet and the water was running along the roof above the plywood.

The only holes in the cabin roof at the mast foot bolts and cable runs (now all sealed), two backing plates for strong points on deck with a total of 4 bolts (clearly need refitting but not leaking much) and the dorade vents. So, although disappointing that the dorade vents have been leaking so much for years, at least there are not lots of holes to deal with.

Jane removing a magic box for the very old wind instruments.

We now have clear access to all the backs of the instruments, easy access for the wiring.

Next you can see that there was a pause in the rain so we quickly took off the dorade boxes. The wood was soaking wet and in poor condition. So temporarily we have fitted closed cell foam pads over the holes and sealed them.

We won’t be refitting a plywood lining. Instead we will glue 10mm closed cell foam to the cabin roof with cut outs for all the bolts, vents etc.

Much the same around the wheelhouse area but might need some framing to bridge the gaps.

First we need to fit the conduit for all the electrical cabling, and we will want to review all the holes in the side decks which come through into the main cabin.

So this was a very messy job but very pleased we bit the bullet and did it. Now we can continue to move forward.

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