Food progress

Now that we are confident that our multi-cooker is going to be part of our galley it opens some extra options.

So in December we joined a group making bulk purchases from a co-operative, vegetarian wholesaler. Our best bargain was a 10kg (paper) bag of dried chickpeas.

We’ve been using these in quite a few dishes in the multi-cooker. Very tasty and allows a shorter soak time and fully reasonable cooking time.

Jane has now started the next step which is making houmous (a staple favourite of ours) from these chickpeas. Latest batch is much tastier than a lot of supermarket packets and will be easy to make on board.

We have a whole load of other pulses (although sadly sold in smaller quantities that come in plastic bags).

Not forgetting grains

We want to start experimenting with sprouting some of these as a way of getting fresh stuff wherever we happen to be.

We really love the variety and taste of these pulses etc that are cheap, last for ages and with a pressure cooker are so easy to cook. They are so well suited to living on a boat as they are so adaptable (providing you can keep them dry). We think it is well worth making sure you can renewably generate and store enough electricity to be able to use an electric pressure cooker. These are so much easier to use than ones that you put on a gas stove. Plus a really big advantage is that you can put the cooker in the cockpit to avoid putting steam or heat into the cabin (steam particularly a problem in cold climates and heat in hot climates).

We find it quite amusing that one of of our favourite YouTube channels were concerned that they would have to live on lentils, we don’t see it as a negative šŸ˜‰

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