We’ve been doing some shopping

No Friday working on Vida this week as I’m working.

But we have been making progress spending money, some bits take quite a while to work out and source so very happy with these.

Tinned copper to make busbars 50mm x 6mm, could only order a 4m length which http://www.holmedodsworth.com kindly cut in half for me to transport it.
Sealing strips for our two deck hatches and the aft porthole. From http://hadlowmarine.com/
Replacement Dorade Vents (two of them from Plastimo). Gone for a 90mm tube which means we can hopefully cut away all the wet core around the current 75mm hole.
Fancy LED light for the top of the mast. Acts as both a tricolour (red/green/white when sailing) and an all round white as an anchor light. Can also be made to flash SOS.
Semi custom grey water tank. 51 litres with all the hose connections.
Grey water deck pump out fitting to International standard and hose to connect it to the tank.
Hose an electric pump to move grey water from the small under sink tanks to the main tank from where it gets pumped out. This is to connect the galley tank. Will add T’s and valves to switch between the other tanks as we fit them.
Contact adhesive to fit the insulating headlining
Manual bilge pump. Is going to be mounted on a board with hoses so it can be used anywhere as an emergency pump (even to pump out the grey water by hand if required)

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