Start of half term status

So despite Storm Dennis we have arrived at Vida for a few days work during Jane’s half term holiday.

The electricity cards had run out after 16 days but clearly the heating has done a great job.

Last visit we discovered the leaks from the old dorade ventilation boxes, well they have dried out beautifully.

The new dorade boxes need a larger hole anyway (90mm instead of 75mm) so we will be cutting the bit that had been damp anyway.

Tonight is going to be a bit noisy, gusts of 55mph are forecast, but so far we are cozy and protected enough to not be shaken by the wind.

Jobs this week include removing the ply that was behind the headlining in the aft cabin (need access to the hatch bolts and the mast foot bolts). Plus we want to see if we can disconnect and remove the engine (going to build a timber box to keep it in good condition under the wheelhouse until a high lift can get to us). That will allow us to get access for all the jobs preparing for the electric motor.

Not sure if we will have time for much else (got to be able to smarten up for our Neice’s wedding next weekend!).

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