Diesel engine is out. Zero fossil fuel cruising on the way

Today we successfully removed our diesel engine. It is now in our cockpit, under the wheelhouse.

All went pretty much as planned. Three of the 4 engine mounts had to be cut off. But the lift went smoothly. Always a bit tense when lifting nearly 200kg over 1.7m.

We used two 6:1 block and tackles. One of these is a Jimmy Green Marie Handy Billy designed for hauling someone back on board as part of recovery from them going over box. The other is the mainsheet from our Sprint 15 catamaran.

We used ratchet webbing straps as a backup and as additional strops around the engine. So the weight was always taken by two means when any one of them was able to hold the whole weight. It did mean that we needed to pause to reset the webbing ratchets several times (and the mainsheet had to be reset at least 3 times due to the limited line length). Once we had the engine above the cockpit floor we were able to shackle the handy billy directly to the engine lifting point and hook the mainsheet to the other lifting point. That tidied things up.

As soon as it was level with the cockpit seats we were able to use timber to setup supports for the engine mounts. Then we used levers to gently move it to the side where we wanted it. At that point to get better control we had 4 webbing straps, one per engine mount, plus a line going aft to pull the whole engine aft using the genoa winch.

Hail and darkness then stopped play. Tomorrow we will build a custom wood box around it to protect it until a crane can get access to lift it off. Although it is already protected from the weather by the wheelhouse as long as the rear cover is on.

The amount of space it has left behind is incredible! Going to be able to make much better use of this šŸ˜Š

This engine can now be considered as for sale. But delivery or collection won’t be possible for a couple of months šŸ˜‰

Now we can really start the preparation jobs for the new electric motor. Yippee.

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