Afternoon progress on aft cabin insulation

Jane is still busy insulating the aft cabin. Cutting the last piece now.

The underside of the side decks (which have various bolts coming through) are very wet where there isn’t a wood soffit. We are leaving these for now as we are not sure if it is leaks or condensation.

We will remove, clean and refit all these and improve the backing plates at some point. That is why we wanted to improve access. Then we will have insulation panels held on by velcro to cover them.

The insulation will be painted white (a special paint for closed cell foam which surprisingly B&Q sell). Before that we are thinking of taping all the joins. Obviously something that sticks well to closed cell foam but also the paint needs to stick to it.

We will make a nice surround for the hatch which will have a magnetic strip to hold up an insult square to cut down on condensation from the aluminium framed hatch.

Before thats we have new acrylic and seals for the hatch. So on a dry day it will come off to be thoroughly refurbished and refitted so no more leaks (the identical hatch over the saloon has been dropping noticeably now that the water doesn’t run into the headlining, so that is getting the same treatment).

Meanwhile, I’ve prepared dinner which is now on in tthe multi-cooker. Required my first full washing up in the new sinks (the clubhouse kitchen, where we have mostly been washing up, is being replaced at the moment).

Currently there seems to be an unforecasted break in the rain but it is blowing hard. Plenty of standing water in the boatyard.

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