Thursday triumphs

A couple of very good moments today amidst clearing up, measuring and preparing to come home.

First, despite strong winds and a fairly cold, very wet night we woke to find the temperature in the aft cabin at 12.7°C. The thermostat was set to 11°C so clearly the combination of the insulation and the heat Jane radiates at night kept me nice and warm.

Secondly, we investigated the bilge which is below the oil catch tray from the diesel engine. Yuck!

We pumped 5.5 builders buckets of water out of of this bilge and found it is 750mm deep below the oil tray.

Temporary access hole

We are having some discussions with other Rival owners to decide whether to do anything about this. Some people have expressed concerns that this open area of the keel is a bit of a weak spot. So there are suggestions to fill it in, at least partially, with epoxy resin and lead shot. We feel that it is a bit too deep for easy access so think that maybe 400mm deep would be enough for a sump. That would make it easier to fit a float switch, an electric pump as well as a hose for the manual pump. But we will have to see if we can clean it enough for epoxy to stick to it.

Been having some good conversations with people in the boatyard about electric motors, a lot of interest in how it will turn out 😊 More understanding than I expected as it turns out that everyone has a story to tell of a diesel engine stopping at an awkward time due to filters or fuel pipes clogging up.

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