Friday afternoon #16 progress

This afternoon didn’t seem as productive. However, we managed to remove the seacocks for both cockpit drains and also the engine water cooling (this was the one that the survey had condemned).

Despite “easier” access, because we have already taken the engine out, this wasn’t very easy. While the two original bronze cockpit drain seacocks were themselves in better condition than most of the others, the wood pads between them and the hull were rather soft and wet.

The engine water inlet seacock just had to be cut off but it has left the bronze tube in the hull because it seems to have been stuck into a larger hole with epoxy.

We have decided to fit new, larger, composite Trudesign seacocks and position them where there is easier access. More on that in the future.

Meanwhile, just had dinner and now doing some cleaning and packing up to head home.

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