Friday Progress #19

Fantastic 🙂 We have had a day visit to Vida following the relaxation of the Welsh StayLocal rule this week.

With the exception of a tiny drip from the hatch in the saloon (caught by the rags we had left out for the purpose) everything was dry and no bad smells, no mould, no problems at all.

We didn’t go with a big jobs agenda today but did lots of measuring and made an inventory. Brought home quite a few tools and parts that we can work on here.

We were able to check the fit of the Electric Motor Frame 🙂

All exactly as planned. The alignment will work. Both the original propeller shaft and the one within the frame will be shortened. By putting the frame right at the aft end of the moulded in engine bearers we will have space for all four big motor batteries in front of the motor. Absolutely perfect for really short cable runs and for keeping the weight low and central.

One house battery will go each side of the motor frame with 2 more above it (and space there for 2 more if we need them).

We were able to test the extra cushions. So we now have a great single berth which will be our primary sea berth when sailing.

We are not yet sure where we want to put the backrest yet (it partially depends on when and how we tackle the cupboards above).

The settee backrests fit too (we are going to be removing the little shelf trim above them).

Left home at about 8:15am and home again by 10:30pm, a beautiful day in Beaumaris 🙂

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