Details of Yanmar Diesel 3JH5E for sale

Attached a whole load of photos of the engine which we are selling as is. Having looked around we are setting the price at £3,000

The plate says it was manufactured in June 2010. We understand that it was professionally installed in our Rival 38 by Dickies Boatyard in Bangor, North Wales between 7 and 10 years ago.

We understand less than 400 hours of use and that it was winterised when Vida was brought ashore at the end of the season nearly 3 years ago.

The fuel tanks and fuel lines were not changed when the engine was installed and the lack of accessibility to flush and clean these was our primary concern, not the engine.

As you can see in the photos we made one mistake when removing it which was to cut the wiring loom in half. Shouldn’t be a big deal to splice or replace.

We are including all the bits in the photos. Some were look like they were new with the engine, others, like the morse control seem to be original.

I’ll be putting it on ebay soon. Open to generous offers.

The engine is in a luggage trailer at present. Happy to deliver reasonable distance for fuel costs. Will need to be lifted out (approx 180 kg). For extra £100 I can build an A-frame and lift it out onto the ground for you.

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