Painful irony?

So depending on how I feel in a moment it is painful or amusing or frustrating or sad or just ironic that the blog post to sell our Diesel engine is currently the most popular on Sustainable Sailing.

It does highlight that for us, it is important to get afloat and demonstrate that an older boat, switched away from fossil fuels and refitted for a lower impact on the climate is practical, enjoyable and sustainable.

We are not engaged in some hair shirt, self inflicted punishment on this journey. In so many ways we find that living more sustainably is a really positive thing for ourselves as well as for others.

Fortunately, despite all the refit work this is not just about something positive in the future. We are also enjoying the journey to that future. While we are working on the refit we have already got a comfortable place to stay away from work and in a beautiful location.

Hopefully, we will soon sell the engine, ideally to someone who will be able to retire a less efficient one, who will benefit from this engine while using it very little 😉 In the meantime the money will be able to go towards more sustainable things for Vida 😉

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