Friday progress #23

Today we refitted the hatch over the saloon. We have swapped it round so that the hinges are on the aft side. This way it should catch the breeze and bring more into the cabin (all 3 opening hatches had hinges at the front before – supposed to stop waves breaking in). Obviously it will be closed when sailing in anything but a flat calm.

Then we did the wheelhouse skylight. The old one leaked and was no longer transparent (which is important for being able to see the mainsail from the steering wheel). It was quite tricky as the 12mm acrylic has to be bent to the curve of wheelhouse roof.

We had removed the old skylight when we built the frame to lift out the engine.

In the morning we will fill the edges of both with sealant. Not needed for waterproofness but to stop water and stuff sitting between the acrylic and the frame.

One thing we have realised is that before going to warm climates we will want to make at least one of the wheelhouse front windows opening.

Today was hot and clearly we need to be get air blowing through the cockpit as under the wheelhouse it was extra hot.

I think I’ve worked out how we can turn the central pane so that it can be opened with hinges at the top edge. Hopefully I can get hinges that will allow the pane to be slid off them and removed.

I’ll build a timber frame for the pane and a side benefit will be to strengthen the aluminium front supports for the wheelhouse roof.

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