Convenient sizing helps

We can’t easily fit a whole sheet of plywood in our van. To fit it has to be lifted at the front to rest on top of our headrests and then slope down to the back. It doesn’t feel very safe and it doesn’t make it easy to carry much else.

However, this time one of the key purposes in taking plywood, when we go for our holiday is to build the house battery bank box.

It so happens that the bottom and top of the battery box need to be 440mm wide and the sides 2x220mm. By cutting 440mm off the sheets of plywood they fit in the bottom of the van.

So we have shortened 2 sheets 12mm ply (bottom and sides of battery box) , 1 sheet 9mm ply (top of battery box) and 1 sheet of 5mm ply (for headlining).

They all now fit. The 2.4m lengths of timber for framing all fit diagonally.

Then we needed table saw and mitre saw plus support.

By the time we have added the batteries, cable etc plus other tools, it is starting to look quite full.

Still we only need to add clothes and food for a couple of weeks 😊

Looks like the van will need to be our storage shed once we get there. No way do we want all this stuff filling the boat.

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