Draught proofing

So we decided it was about time we made some temporary improvements to our comfort as it is getting colder, especially when there is a North wind (colder and blows straight into the cockpit from behind).

So we have repurposed a sheet of the shuttering board, that we had boxed the old engine in, to block off one group of 5 holes in the cockpit side (Engine throttle, autopilot, bilge pump, two fridge vents).

Plus we have repurposed a spare bit of foam floor tile to block up where the engine electrics were and at the same time provide a better route for our boatyard electric supply (yes it does have an rcd).

Sitting below now, for lunch, and the difference is very noticeable. Much quieter and warmer 😀

We have also ordered a couple of “Hotties”, safe, microwavable hot “water bottles”. With those and remembering our thermal layers next time we should be ready to continue work through the winter without too much discomfort. 🥳

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