Simple yacht interior decor

Found a fantastic video of an incredible yacht refit which has an interior decor that we absolutely love.

You can see the interior in this video.

In this video you can see just what a huge project (in every sense of the word) it was to take a former Whitbread round the world race yacht that was in very poor condition to an amazing (if crazy large) family cruising yacht.

The quality of work is brilliant (but then it is done by a professional yacht builder).

Still we love the interior. A very simple, hard-wearing, modern light look by simply using an airless paint sprayer (such as we have) and a light grey paint.

We are definitely going to do this. We have already mentioned and decided that too much of our varnished timber has too much water damage for us to want to try to restore them (even if we liked the dark timber look).

Not only do we like the simple, clean, bright look. Not only do we like the idea that we should be able to get a reasonable finish without as much work as other options. But it should also be much lower maintenance. Just got to research the right type of paint to use.

Interestingly, there was a great article about the Rival 32 in the latest Practical Boat Owner magazine and at least one had the signature “keyhole” bulkhead painted grey and it looked great. Plus the article was enough to convince every reader that a Rival was the best cruising boat for them. I’m sure it will have at least doubled the value of them all 🙂

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