Supporting Sustainable Sailing


No plans to change the basic assumption here. However, we are looking to grow towards some financial support from the blog, from our YouTube channel and more.

One new step is that we now have a Ko-fi page for donations. Compared to other sites for making donations such as Patreon we like Ko-fi as there are no fees for donations. If you donate £3 via paypal then we get £3. We might later upgrade to the Gold version which would allow us to offer memberships with no fees (but even now they are only 5%, which is way lower than Patreon).

[End Update]

We have no plans to restrict our content or hide anything behind a paywall.

However, if you would like to support our journey towards Sustainable Sailing then there are two ways.

First, our awesome t-shirts, hoodies and bags from our shop at Teemill, great quality and as Sustainable products as you can find.

Second, we can now take donations by PayPal.

Donation to Sustainable Sailing

A donation to support Sustainable Sailing.


We do not want any to feel obliged and we value the readers who can’t afford to spend money the most.

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