Expensive progress

This evening I’ve placed a big order with Jimmy Green Marine for all the Dyneema and Low Friction Rings that I need for the Mizzen. Decided to be very cautious and go oversized from what I had worked out in The mysteries of sizing Dyneema standing rigging, so we are replacing the 6mm stainless steel with 9mm Dynice Dux (with 6mm Dynice Dux for the tensioning lashings.

I also ordered what we need for 6mm Dynice Dux guardrails with gates.

This includes enough chafe protection of the right sizes to protect the Dyneema at the chainplates, mast tangs and stanchions. I realised that I will be able to reuse the dyneema even if we change the stanchions, so the lower guardrail lines are a good place to practice my eye splices before doing the top guardrails and then the shrouds.

I’m going to need to experiment with some prototype mast tangs before I can order all the parts for them but having the actual rope will make that easier.

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