Feeling super happy

We are back home and I’ve probably watched too many American YouTube videos if I’m describing myself as super happy 🤣

First, I’m really pleased with the progress on the rearranging of the aft cabin. One nice interim feature is being able to use the original bed base (with a little extra support) over the seat. So we can continue to use the bed as we have been doing until all the new work is complete. I had been planning for the seat to be at about half height between the floor and the mattress (because it was has been a real scramble to get on the bed). However, now that everything is uncovered it looks like the step/footrest will need to be a bit higher than I had thought (due to the hull slope). So the seat might be close to the mattress height, a nice feature will be that puts you at the right height to look out of the windows. With the storage behind it will have a great backrest and so be a lovely place to sit for a bit of quiet or for a read. I’ll also sort some low level indirect lighting that will allow visits to the loo without disturbing Jane (yup men and our prostrates mean disturbed nights).

Second, I’m also really happy that this work is going to allow us to really strengthen the support for the mizzen mast. Got some nice and simple ways to improve that as we go.

Third, I’m super excited and super happy with the progress on the backing plates for the 3 chainplates per side of the aft cabin. The prepared ply went on very easily. It was rigid enough for the thickened epoxy to squeeze out evenly along the length. With our fan heater we got the temperature to around 30° C once we had finished fitting everything. So we got a quickish cure, so no worries about the epoxy slowly flowing out during an extended cure time. I knocked up some quick props and that meant we were able to remove all the bolts before they got completely locked in.

Fourth, I did the measuring and I can build boxes to store the waste from the composting toilets in the lazarette, they can be the exact size to clip onto the toilet base. So emptying will be really easy. Take off the seat part. Clip on an empty box. Turn the base, with box, over. Unclip. Turn toilet back over, add coir, add the seat part. Put lid on box and take to Lazarette. No possibility of mess, no plastic waste and super quick.

Fifth, we got home to a couple of deliveries. One gets us a handle for the electric motor throttle that is simple, cheap and easy to source anywhere. Second was another package from Jimmy Green Marine. We now have the 6mm dyneema for the guardrails and the tensioning lashings (I’m wondering whether to scale down to 4mm for that to get more turns without jamming up). Plus the “Pelican hooks” for the guardrail gates. I also have all my extra dyneema splicing tools. So I can get some practice for the rigging by splicing the guardrails.

Sixth, we have some exciting new thoughts on our aft “solar arch” that isn’t an arch. As a teaser: it is kind of a combination between the Tula’s Endless Summer stanchions and a Lagun table support.

We have another week at work, then a week on the boat. Our first since last summer. Hoping to have a rest and make lots of progress 😊

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