Open plan Rival 38 (temporarily so)

I’ve done a first rough cut back of the forward wardrobe as you go into the aft cabin.

I’ve also removed the, mouldy, ply lining (to allow us to add insulation) and the ply trip to the underside of the side deck (access to the nuts for a stanchion base – I’m really against having these hidden behind glued in furniture). Just needs a bit of tidying up and then we can have some neat shelving all the way from the chart table to the aft cabin bed.

To complete the open plan look we’ve cut the access hatch into the lazarette. This will allow us to fit the new chainplate backing plates (also for the mooring cleats) as well as all the inside bits for whichever wind vane we end up getting.

We will make it so the “hatch” gets a good watertight seal when we refit it. Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about Butane or Petrol fumes into the aft cabin because we don’t have either on board.

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