A slow day, mostly preparation

Or in other words, we didn’t achieve much today.

I managed to tidy up the two ex-wardrobe bulkheads. Then we collected some tools and blades from Screwfix, got some timber from B&Q and got some shorts because it has been hot.

So hot that I had a quick swim. About 20 metres and then I decided I was about to die of hyperthermia 😂

We’ve started preparing to rebuild the aft cabin bed and the new seat. However, we are waiting for some longer screws to arrive (using stainless steel Torx – can’t find A4 so these are A2).

As it is so warm I installed the extra Lagun table mount in the cockpit.

With our Comfort Seats and wine it is very pleasant.

Once we get the longer screws we should be able to finish the dry fit fairly quickly, then we can epoxy all the joints and get the aft cabin ready for a) the cushions to be adjusted b) painting, insulation and headlining.

It will be good to get that all done so we can start sleeping in there again which makes it easier to work on jobs elsewhere.

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