Aft cabin: Making it permanent

Today we have been continuing the work on the aft cabin.

Jane did a whole lot of sanding under the bed. She also fitted some more insulation to the sides. Together we glued the rubber seal into the aft cabin hatch because it kept dropping out.

I was working on finishing the timber around the head of bed.

We have one upright on the starboard side of the original gap in the berth. This now frames the inside of the opening for the seat (the new way onto the bed).

Another upright is inside the heads on the port side of the original gap in the berth.

These two uprights are the same size but oriented differently. So between them we have a slightly diagonal headboard. This is to give the right amount of extra bed length where I sleep. So a section where my head goes is 845mm wide and between 70mm (port) and 85mm (centre) longer.

A third upright is approximately 1/3 of the way from the head side (port) on the forward side of the headboard. This will be the door post for the new door to the heads. This “squares off” the heads giving more foot space when sitting on the loo (knees go under the headboard and so under the bed.

Another piece of plywood sits on top of the headboard between the door post and port side post (at the original end of the heads). This acts as the upper “wall” between the heads and our bed.

All this timber has now been glued and screwed in. Plus all the outside corners have been made into soft curves using the router, plane and sander.

Essentially ready for painting when we have prepped the rest of the cabin.

Just got to build the step for the seat.

All the boxing in of the storage, the heads door etc can wait until after our first launch next year.

All three of the uprights form part of the new supports for the mizzen mast. More to do here as they need to be bonded to the deck and mast foot support. Probably going to wait until the mizzen is up as the deck has risen a bit.

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